A Retrospective

It’s difficult not to get enthusiastic about Reactive Extensions after being inspired by The Reactive Manifesto. Such arousal has resulted in a sequence of hello-world articles and examples of code. While the programming world in C #, Java and JavaScript is taken over by Reactive Extensions, it seems that the C++ world is slow to embrace RxCpp.

This article attempts to make RxCpp closer to C++ developers who still may not know how a responsive programming model might help them to better and more robust software. The latest ReactiveX Tutorial link lists are a good place to begin learning and grokking.

Testing concurrency with RxCpp

The version of C++ is less than a few steps away from C#. In a straightforward experiment, a set of integer values that are reached in certain intervals (a ticker) can be parameterised by coordinating (why coordination and not scheduling, as read in the RxCpp Developer guide:

Workers made on the test scheduler presently have the Deterministic Test Scheduler API accessible:

The remainder should be read as follows: